Train the Trainer


This program uses the experiential learning approach to develop entrepreneurial thinking by teaching competences known to be attributes of successful entrepreneurs. The program is designed to be taught to students with little or no formal education, while also providing equal value to students with more advanced education and experience.

The train-the-trainer aspect of our program helps ensure that it is accessible to all learners globally. The main goal of trainers in the entrepreneurship program is to change students’ perspectives from one of obstacles to that of opportunities and possibility. The program's main vision is to help change communities through the infusion of entrepreneurs who model inspirational thinking and behavior.


Videos, documentation, and support services will provide guidance to trainers and facilitators. As no group of students is the same, these tools will be dynamically grown and reworked as programs are offered to new audiences.

Instructional Videos

Face to Face Instruction


Master instructor, Dr. Michael Shafer will demonstrate how to engage the students in reflective discussions and elicit their thoughts and insights without exposing any “preferred answer.” Video clips provide focus around specific techniques and the teaching of discreet competencies in a way that other facilitators can examine and apply.

Below is a draft prototype of the types of short videos that will demonstrate how to teach concepts and principles described in the weekly lessons. This video is not professionally captured. Plans are to provide better quality videos that are succinct and describe specific skills used in teaching these classes.

Train the Trainer ENT001 - Segment: Value Creation (8:54)

Technology Training

The second set of instructional videos will provide step-by-step guidance on how to set up Facebook accounts, access Google documents and resources, and use technology to work collaboratively and individually to develop and promote business ideas.

Program Vision and Overview

These videos and resources will provide program administrators an insight into the vision and goals of the program including the thinking behind the curriculum and effort to disseminate and expand to audiences worldwide.