Class visits local restauranteur with Michelle and Gene tagging along.

Case Study

The pilot class was held in the village of Phrao in Northern Thailand. Students were enlisted by Warm Heart Worldwide, Inc. who also provided a computer classroom for weekly sessions. Michael Shafer, Ph.D,  Co-Founder of Warm Heart, led the students through the exercises and readings, helping them find meaning and explore personal examples that extended their application of the material.

Facebook was used as the Learning Management System (LMS). The decision to use Facebook was based on the reasoning that students may not have laptops or computers, but many had mobile phones that were Facebook accessible. Also many of the students were familiar with Facebook and could interact with it easier than a full-blown LMS. The Facebook layout was broken out chronologically into weekly activities of one reading and a subsequent exercise around an entrepreneurial competency. Links to readings in Google Docs were also provided.


​To view the pilot class Facebook site, click the link below:

Facebook Class - ENT001: Entrepreneurship Module 1

Students were divided into teams from similar villages. The team approach  proved valuable, allowing students to share strengths to meet demands of the technology, concepts, and exercises. A field trip to visit a local business owner added substance to the entrepreneurial activities and readings. The owner also served as a mentor to answer questions and provide insight to the life of an entrepreneur.

Michelle brainstorming ideas with the students on Facebook

Students at computer lab at Warmheart Worldwide. Instructor, Dr. Shafer, provides tech support.

Nian providing interpreting services for the classes

In the village of Phrao, a pastoral lake sits near to the Warm Heart campus.