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“Before the class I thought it was impossible, but now I believe it’s possible.”

                 Student Comment

A Different Take on Entrepreneurial Thinking

This program helps students examine entrepreneurship from a different perspective. Through focusing on specific competencies supported by simple but effective exercises, students discover that conceptualizing and growing a business enterprise is possible.

This website describes our philosophy around Entrepreneurial Thinking, use of Facebook to offer training to learners in developing nations, and instructional strategies to guide, develop and support Entrepreneurial Thinking. 

We are passionate about creating sustainable, relevant, and strengths-building training and educational opportunities.

An Entrepreneur Class in Action

The following videos will give you a feel for how the class is structured using Facebook, and how a live class can be facilitated.

VIDEO: ENT001 Module 1 Class Walk Through (10:40)

VIDEO (Prototype): Train the Trainer ENT001 - Segment: Value Creation (8:54)

Visit the Facebook Class: ENT001

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